Air and Sea Frieght (Door To Door)


  • Can receive any goods from any purchasing platform like Taobao, 1688, Alibaba anda many more
  • FREE re-packaging service
  • FREE basic inspection service
  • FREE take simple photo of goods
  • FREE 30 days storage
  • One centre of warehousing for air and sea freight goods



  •  We handle normal or sensitive items by air to whole Malaysia
  • Delivery within 4-6 days (subject to any delay)
  • Multi-selection of courier ( ABX, SKYNET, AIRPAK)
  • SUPER POWER SAVER FACTOR, if different value of weight between actual weight (Kg) and Volume Weight (Kg)  is under 20Kg’s for West Malaysia and 10Kg’s for East Malaysia, we only charge on actual weight.

    eg :  Actual weight (Kg) = 5.2 kg (will calculate as 6.0 kg)
    Volume weight (Kg)  : (28cm x 58cm x 58cm) ÷ 6000 = 15.7 kg (will calculate as 16kg)
    The shipping charges will be charge on 6.0kg. You will save 10.0 Kg.


    Sea Freight
  • Can ship goods by sea to whole Malaysia
  • Provide 2 package of sea shipping, SMALL package by weight (actual weight or volume weight, which one is higher). And CBM package for bulk goods